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For many the world of medicinal cannabis is as old as time, while many others may find themselves giving it a very first try. We hope for all of you our answers to these questions will provide, a healthy dose of helpful information as well as peace of mind.

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How are your chocolates made?

Our bonbons and truffles are hand-crafted (See Video) – including our THC-infused organic coconut oil, and the nut butters inside our truffles – in a dedicated (non-shared) facility without heavy machinery, and made without any hidden ingredients. Our ingredients are always premium in quality, and organic when possible.

What does "meticulously measured" mean? How do you make sure each chocolate has the right amount of cannabis?

Based on the lab results of our hand-pressed, THC-infused organic coconut oil, or the Full-Spectrum Help CBD oil, the percentage of THC / CBD is used to calculate the exact amount of oil needed for the intended dosage of every batch. Both the chocolate, and fillings, for each truffle and bonbon are weighed before and after adding the cannabis oil infusion to ensure accurate dosage

What kind of chocolate do you use?

Our hand-crafted chocolates all begin with a single origin 70% dark chocolate, which uses only organic cane sugar as a sweetener, and contains no soy lecithin or other emulsifier.

What is a "minimalist" chocolate?

Our recipes are carefully concocted to use the bare minimum of ingredients necessary to ensure an exceptional flavor experience… hence, minimalism! And, as a state of mind, the minimalism extends to our ingredient selection as well, which is always as clean and healthy as possible, and never includes any processed sugars, preservatives, emulsifiers, soy or corn products.

Do your chocolates have a "weedy" taste?

The high quality concentrated Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD oil blends seamlessly with the ingredients in our chocolates eliminating any unwanted flavors. The THC-infused organic coconut oil in our bonbons and truffles is hand-pressed from organic cannabis flowers–no shake, stems, or leaves–and distilled twice; this signature pressing process yields a maximum effect, with a minimum weed taste.

How long will my chocolates stay fresh?

For optimal freshness, consider dispatching them promptly to your belly. For you patient types, our chocolates will stay fresh for up to two weeks in a cool, dark place (55-68°F) on your counter or in your shelves. You can also store them in the refrigerator for 30-45 days. Do not freeze!

What’s the best way to serve these chocolates?

We find our chocolates most flavorful at room temperature. If refrigerating, we suggest taking them out 20-30 minutes before you plan to indulge. Do not freeze!

I have food allergies, can I still enjoy your chocolates?

Our chocolates contain no dairy, no gluten, no refined sugars, no soy, and no lecithin or other emulsifiers. Two flavors contain tree-nuts, however, we also have nut-free flavors. Everything is hand-produced in a dedicated (non-shared) facility without heavy machinery, and are made from single ingredient supplies without hidden ingredients. Every effort is made to avoid cross-contamination of ingredients, and ensure each flavor contains only the listed ingredients. We suggest proceeding with caution – or – in the case of any life-threatening allergies, (sadly!) we recommend avoiding our chocolates entirely.

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How often do you medicate?

To Whom It May recommends doses based on medication frequency, and the suggested doses are intended to help you feel body-functional and mind free. Every box that arrives at your door will contain chocolates in individual boxes sealed with one of these mighty-helpful labels.





per WEEK

per DAY

We encourage you to find your way patiently, to a dose that’s right for you – start low, then wait and see. It may end up being a cherished single piece, or a uniquely combined experience of two, or three.

Full effects of THC digestion commonly felt within 60-90 minutes. Bide your mind and enjoy the time!

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