by alma eliot & chloé neele miller

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For many, the idea of “home” is weighed with permanence: a concrete foundation, the patina of weathered, long-loved belongings. But for more and more Americans, the idea of edited, intentional living has traction. (Marie Kondo, for one, has built a small empire around this idea.)

Artist Chloé Neele Miller and her boyfriend Brendon Slattery, an archaeologist, walk the walk of this flexible, purposeful living. Settling into an RV that they refurbished themselves, the couple recently sold off many of their belongings, paring their lives down to what would fit in their 35’ home. And off they went, driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, to a new life in Oregon.

Downsizing to a smaller space hasn’t been hard or restricting, says Chloé. There’s room to move around. Space is limited, so you get better at putting things away. (Chloé, a reformed mess-maker, attributes her newfound tidiness to the RV, in fact.)

“It was daunting at first, but it has been so rewarding. Everyone can do this. It’s not as tedious or as scary as it sounds. It’s incredibly liberating to explore and be other places. To be able to move and see the beauty in each place—it’s a really wonderful experience.”

Considering an open road adventure of your own? Chloe has generously supplied us with an insider's list of must-haves for RV living. While you’re packing these essentials, consider including a Perfect Pair, the chocolate duo tailored to the flavor and dosage of your choosing. One for you, one for your copilot… enjoyed responsibly of course!

Organic body wipes

Before we went on the trip, Brendon’s mom got us these organic body wipes. Our A/C went out while we were driving through the Mojave Desert. We ended up having to put our cats in the freezer because they were panting! These wipes were a lifesaver. (Editor’s note: The cats are fine!)

Hand sanitizer

We have a toilet that has a septic tank, and it can be gross. You can always use gloves, but hand sanitizer is great to have for if you need to adjust anything outside.

Popcorn and trail mix

We always have popcorn and trail mix on hand. At some points being on the road can get kind of boring, and I think because of that you want to eat a lot more. It can be difficult not to want to stop at the gas station and buy junk food so it’s a good idea to have some healthy snacks ready.


You’re driving for so long you start to lose your sanity a bit. When we were driving, there was this Elephant Garlic Land when we’d been on the road for five or six hours. We stopped and went, and it had this intense garlic aroma. We got some cherries, and looked at all the obscure garlic stuff they had. If you feel the urge to stop somewhere, you should! The more you explore, the happier you end up being.


Music is fine, but it starts and it ends after 3 minutes. Podcasts and audiobooks really help the time pass on a long drive. We listen to Stephen Colbert’s audiobook. Also, The Moth is an amazing podcast we listen to all the time. Any kind of stand-up comedy is great.

…AND conversation

Whether you’re in your car or an RV, you’re in this little tin can—what better way to spend the time than getting to know the person you’re with on a deeper level?

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Photo: Chloé Neele Miller
Photo: Chloé Neele Miller
Photo: Chloé Neele Miller

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